1. By taking this phlebotomy course and passing you can expect a certificate of completion to be a phlebotomist that can be hired to work in Hospitals, Clinics, blood banks, and Plasma Centers. A student’s behavior is very important in taking this class if for any reason a student is violent towards another student or the instructor or disruptive in any way and has had three warnings they will removed permanently from the program/course without refund or there certificate of completion.

Course Refund policy/Absence policy
2. The course total cost is indicated on our website. Manuals and equipment are included in the total cost. A list of Volunteer location will be provided by the school to fulfill national certification requirements. There is no specific date for volunteer hours to be completed by the student. You must have your High school diploma or a General Education Development certificate and be 18 or older to be excepted into the course. Students are allowed ( 0 ) absence during the 3 day course. The class fee can be paid on our website and has to be paid three days before class begins.  Each student will have a three day cooling off period in which the student that Enrolls will have three business days to receive a full refund. If the student is absent more than once the student will have to retake the next course without refund. The student will need to sign up for the next course announced at a future date.

3.Any withdrawals or in­completion of the course on the instructor’s part the student will receive a full refund.

4.Oquirrh mountain phlebotomy school will maintain the student’s records signed and copied during enrollment process and will be kept on file for ten years.

5.Credit will not be given for previous education or experience.

6.Each day will consist of lectures and hands on phlebotomy procedures.The grading for this course is either pass or fail. Students will be required to take a written test at the end of the course with at least a 70% or higher grade to pass the test. The test will consist of multiple questions, explanations, and definitions.By passing the student will then receive a certificate of completion. The student cannot miss more one day of class. If these requirements are successfully met the student will receive his/her certificate of completion.

7. Job Assistance is not available. However the student can receive a list of employers that hire phlebotomist at the end of the course. No jobs are promised. An externship is not offered in this course.

8. All equipment includes gloves, needles, bio­hazard sharps containers, Sample tubes is available on site of the facility. The course will be held in a classroom setting. Restrooms and break rooms are on site.

9. Credit hours are not transferable at any other institutions.